Symphonic Jazz Concert

Film and jazz: two art forms that began to flourish a century ago and have over the years intersected, influenced and enriched each other. In the ’Symphonic Jazz Concert’, we look back at the thrilling scores and tunes from legendary jazz scores of the past.

Expect some tunes by Henry Mancini, one of the most adroit instrumentalists ever to work in films; some themes by Lalo Schifrin whose clever inventiveness colours his TV scores for Mission Impossible and Mannix; Elmer Bernstein’s striking jazz score for The Man with the Golden Arm; the jazzy rollicking Who Framed Roger Rabbit? score by Alan Silvestri, a composer with a chameleon personality, and much more!


a.o. Bullitt, La La Land, Mission Impossible, The Pink Panther, The Man with the Golden Arm, Last Tango in Paris, Who framed Roger Rabbit?


Dirk Brossé

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  • €128/58/48/38/23: World Soundtrack Awards Gala & Concert
  • €43/33/23/18: Symphonic Jazz Concert


Capitole  | Graaf Van Vlaanderenplein 5  | 9000 Ghent


90’ (excl. intermission) | coprod. Film Fest Gent