Centre for Future Orchestral Repertoire

The Centre for Future Orchestral Repertoire (CffOR) is a new digital platform that, since 2000, has been collecting symphonic music and storing it in an interactive form: a treasury of 21st century music, ready to be discovered by everyone anywhere in the world.

The centre is an initiative of chief conductor Stéphane Denève, who is committed to creating links between contemporary symphonic music and today’s society. The platform thus seeks to launch an extensive, worldwide dialogue: between composers, performers, organizers and the audience. 

The ultimate dream is, together with the community such a platform builds, to help as wide an audience as possible to discover a range of compositions that will stand the test of time and become the repertoire of the future. 

Similarly, in the programming of the Brussels Philharmonic, Stéphane Denève regularly combines 21st century works with the great symphonic repertoire of past centuries: “We want to identify the pieces of today that orchestras want to play and audiences want to come and hear. But always in conjunction with the repertoire of the past: we won't become a specialist modern music ensemble. The new repertoire needs to engage with and confront what is already there.”