DJ Olive


After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Purchase College (New York), Gregor Asch moved to Brooklyn in 1990 and co-founded Lalalandia Entertainment Research Corporation. It was during this time that Asch started making music as DJ Olive. Besides that he created We™ (a production and DJ collective) and Multipolyomni. The latter produces and designs systems, environments, effect and other leisure, and is known for the opera "Quark Soup" which is considered influential to the forming of the early Williamsburg art scene.

In 2000 he started two record labels: Phonomena Audio Arts & Multiples and The Agriculture. He has continued building installations, making sound art and participated in many exhibitions. Besides his personal creative output he gives Ableton workshops and gives lectures as guest speaker at several institutions. DJ Olive collaborated with Uri Caine in the past which can be heard on the Mahler tribute album Dark Flame.