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Enrich the classical concert experience with the real time of the Wolfgang app. 


In the last season, the Brussels Philharmonic and Flagey were the first orchestra and concert hall in Belgium to start using the Wolfgang app at a number of concerts. And with success: the app is an interesting alternative to the traditional programme booklet, and a unique way to increase the audience’s involvement with classical music.

Wolfgang is a smartphone application which provides the concertgoer with a commentary on the music in real-time during the concert, via their own smartphones. While the musicians are playing, Wolfgang tells you what you are hearing – at that exact moment – in the music. A quick glance at your smartphone from time to time is sufficient; the app displays concise, carefully timed sentences. The app is designed and tested to ensure that it does not disturb other concertgoers.

A unique way for listeners to experience and understand classical music more intensively. 

The app was developed in the Netherlands by the cultural consultant Johan Idema, in collaboration with the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ. Wolfgang has been downloaded more than 14,000 times and is already used by various concert halls and orchestras. In 2016, the app won a prestigious iF Design Award for its user-friendliness and a SpinAward for ‘best digital service idea’.

Wolfgang is available in Dutch, French and English 

Download the free Wolfgang app from the App Store (iOS 7.7+) or Google Play (Android 4.4+) or via the website www.wolfgangapp.nl

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