"Putting the music first"

On March 16, Nicholas Angelich will play Brahms' second pianoconcerto in Flagey. A work full of challenges, both technically and in terms of maturity.

Nicholas Angelich first sat down at the piano as a five-year-old kid. It appears to have been an immediate success, for two years later he was giving his first concert, a Mozart piano concerto accompanied by a chamber music ensemble.

The American Angelich pursued further study in Europe with some of the greatest teachers, and won prize after prize at international competitions. In the meantime, he divided his time between chamber music, for which he has a particular love, recitals and the greatest orchestras of the world.

The Brahms 2nd Piano Concerto has a special place in his heart: as a student at the Paris Conservatory, he neglected the more romantic and dramatic 1st concerto and started immediately on the more complex 2nd Concerto. Why? “I knew the work very well, I had often listened to it with my parents and also had several recordings.” 

"Brahms was a man gifted by humour and fantasy. A rich personality that interests me a lot."

The work is full of challenges, both technically and in terms of maturity. It is almost a symphony, with ‘piano obbligato’. That means that the contact with the conductor and interplay with the orchestra are absolutely crucial: it is unity, not the soloist’s individuality, that is most important. But when it works, and with Angelich it works time after time, the result is magical …


Date & Location

Fri 16 March 2017 – 20:15 | Brussels Flagey

  • 19:30 – Meet the Artist: Sander De Keere & Stéphane Denève 
  • Wolfgang – discover what you hear! (Strauss)
  • pre & post concert – food & drinks by The Street Food Company
  • post concert music – Schubert lieder by Conor Biggs