“When words leave off, music begins” (Heinrich Heine)

Most of us would rather not think of the time when we will no longer be around. And yet it is meaningful to reflect on that.

By making a will, your money will go to whomever you consider important. And it can also be reassuring to know that everything is settled and that you have thought through the division of your assets.

In addition to leaving your assets to family and friends, you can also include a good cause in your will. Thus you can assign part of your heritage to a particular beneficiary that fits with your personality, and make a lasting contribution to a better, finer world. Testament.be provides you with the necessary advice so that you can support a good cause without short-changing your heirs.

By drawing up a will, you can leave part of your heritage to the Brussels Philharmonic. Read about how to do so on www.testament.be

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