'Listen to the birds; they are great masters!’ was the advice Paul Dukas gave his student Olivier Messiaen.

Messiaen took the advice to heart: he amassed an impressive collection of birdsong from around the world. In Oiseaux Exotiques, he brings together 48 birds from Asia, North and South America: impossible to do in the real world, but enchanting in that of Messiaen.

Stravinsky’s Le chant du Rossignol also lets exotic nature triumph: the song of the lively nightingale from Andersen’s fairy tale wins out – ultimately – over its mechanical counterpart.

“The exotic birds singing in this score have wonderfully coloured feathers, reflected in the music: all the colours of the rainbow wheel about, including red, the colour of hot countries and the beautiful cardinal of Virginia!”
- Olivier Messiaen

Messiaen makes the explosion of colours of all those birds audible: “In the second tutti, the part with the horns: orange, mixed with gold and red. In the first and last cadenza of the piano solo: green and gold. And the central tutti: spirals of colour, whirlpools of intertwined rainbows with blue, red, orange, green, purple and pink.”


Claude Debussy

soloist: Lieve Schuermans, flute

Olivier Messiaen
Oiseaux Exotiques
soloist: Jan Michiels, piano

Igor Stravinsky
Le Chant du Rossignol
L’Oiseau de feu


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