We’re celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2020!

It’s the perfect occasion to put this iconic 19th-century composer in the spotlight—and enjoy his wonderful music. But BOENK! wants more: we’re firmly entrenched in today’s world thanks to our young musicians. It’s a world that calls for more attention to be paid to the climate and for solidarity between North and South.

So BOENK! sets to work with Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, a beautiful piece in which the love of nature comes to life, a warm call across the centuries to take better care of our planet.

Composer Dick Van der Harst looked at Beethoven’s Pastorale through the lens of the year 2020 and turned it into a modern, 4-part symphony: the Pastorale2020. Beethoven’s idyllic ‘happy ending’ gives way to sincere anger about the collision course that we and our environment are on.

And that aspiration towards home ownership? The one that fills every empty hole? This will be addressed in a theatrical cantata for soloists, choir, and orchestra by composer Peter Spaepen. Vive le béton is an ironic ode to high, new, fast and other construction habits, performed in double bill with Pastorale2020.


Dick Van der Harst • Pastorale2020
Peter Spaepen Vive le béton


Johan Uytterschaut, bass baritone
Danaé Matuz-Echais, mezzo-soprano
Lukas Cortoos, bass
Aya Susuki, percussion
Brussels Experimental (Floris Lammens, Mohamed Chahou)