We hear a very personal and human Brahms, who lays his heart bare right from the very first bars with the F–As–F motif, a musical translation of Brahms's personal motto “Frei aber froh” (single but happy). The choice of minor immediately raises a question mark: is he really that happy?

The modest orchestration gives the work intimacy, the rich structure marbles it with melancholy and beauty. At the end of each movement, the restless eructation of emotional conflict dissolves into tender resignation – and like a setting sun on a beautiful autumn evening, the symphony finally glides gently away. The days of yore are gone forever.


Giuseppe Martucci
Concerto in si bemolle minore per pianoforte e orchestra, op. 66
solist: Nelson Goerner, piano

Johannes Brahms
Sinfonie Nr. 3 F-Dur op. 90


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