On Saturday December 1st, between 6pm and 8pm, Flagey and Brussels Philharmonic will organise a big spaghetti evening at Flagey in the context of Brussel Helpt, the annual solidarity campaign of BRUZZ. Come and eat a plate of spaghetti with your friends and support the Toekomstatelierdelavenir (TADA). At TADA, hundreds of socially vulnerable teenagers from Brussels go to Saturday lessons every weekend. They discover themselves and society through fascinating practical lessons from enthusiastic professionals.

Do you want to join us for some spaghetti on Dec 1? Buy your plate of spaghetti (bolo or veggie) here.

Brussel Helpt is the annual fundraiser organized by BRUZZ in cooperation with its partners and with the community centers. This year ‘Brussel Helpt’ will support toekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA). TADA is a non-profit organization that provides supplementary, voluntary, motivational and society-oriented education to vulnerable teenagers from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. At TADA they discover themselves and society through fascinating practical lesson from enthusiastic professionals.

On December 1st, BRUZZ is organizing 'the biggest spaghetti fest in the world’. You can participate by eating spaghetti at one of the many typical Brussels locations. Or you can cook spaghetti at your place and let the inhabitants of Brussels enjoy your cooking skills. Can’t make it? Support ‘Brussels Help’ with a donation.



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