The Circus (1928) is Chaplin’s most poetic and least ebulliently humorous film – and yet he manages once again to string together his comic pearls.

It was his last silent movie, with all the usual ingredients: the little tramp with a heart of gold who always ends up, willy-nilly, at the wrong place at the wrong time… but in the end goes off with both the lead actress and happiness by his side!


! important: Sunday 19 September is Car-free Sunday in Brussels !

The Circus (1928)

Music by Charles Chaplin 1967/1968 - released in 1970
Score restored for live orchestral screenings by Timothy Brock in 2003


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pre-concert talk

14:15 - Film journalist and cinephile Robin Broos (The Original Soundtrack) dives into the world of Chaplin together with conductor Dirk Brossé.

Robin & The Original Soundtrack

chaplin today

A fascinating look behind the scenes in a documentary with Emir Kusturica.

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Get in the Chaplin mood with the trailer of The Circus.

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the making of

Divorce, theft, fire... discover the turbulent history of the creation of The Circus.

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Venue: Studio 4, Flagey

Location: Place Sainte Croix Heilig Kruisplein | 1050 Brussels
Telephone: +32 2 641 10 20

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