This concert took place in the concert hall without a live audience: you can (re)watch the livestream until 20 February. All ticketing proceeds go to Natuurpunt.

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Claude Debussy was an unparalleled master of the suggestion. With La mer, he gave us an exact portrait of the sea, using broad brushstrokes to evoke it: fleeting, drifting – clouds, water and wind, a blur or a swirl. You can almost taste the salt on your lips, feel the brooding storm through the suggestive drumroll or single drumbeat in the timpani.

Dance films with live orchestra

The musical colours of Debussy inspired Thierry De Mey in several dance films with live orchestra. In Prélude à la mer, he contrasts the choreography of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker with the hard reality of a catastrophe: the vanishing of the Aral Sea. Specially for this concert, De Mey will create a brand new film to accompany La mer.


livestream in collaboration with Evil Penguin TV & Concertgebouw Brugge
with the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter


Claude Debussy
solo: Lieve Schuermans (flute)

Tōru Takemitsu
Towards the Sea II
solo: Jill Jeschek (flute) & Eline Groslot (harp)

Claude Debussy (arr. Paolo Fradiani)
Prélude à l'après midi d'un faune

Claude Debussy (arr. Marlijn Helder)
La mer

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composer in action

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film + dance

Enjoy a preview of Thierry De Mey's Prélude à la mer.

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This concert will take place in the concert hall without a live audience: you can watch the concert via the livestream. All ticketing proceeds go to Natuurpunt vzw.

🎟️🎫 TICKETS: €5
(livestream available for on-demand replay until 20 February).