At the opening of the Rothko Chapel, Morton Feldman received a request to compose an homage to his friend Mark Rothko – who had died in the meantime. Visual artists like Rothko had a major impact on Feldman: he wrote music as if he were filling up a canvas. Rather than composing, he assembled.

Feldman’s sound in born and ebbs away again, and flows along unobstructed – now and then interrupted by echoing silences. And so Feldman, like Rothko and his paintings, draws the viewer into his world.

In collaboration with Ars Musica.


Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber new work (commissioned by Ars Musica)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir Streaming Arhythmia
Morton Feldman Rothko Chapel

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Two intriguing videos: a short documentary on Mark Rothko in Houston, and an unusual view on life & works of Morton Feldman

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