As Artist in Residence in Flagey, Nelson Goerner is leaving his mark on these Flagey Piano Days: for the concert with the Brussels Philharmonic, he has chosen the unjustly forgotten Italian composer Giuseppe Martucci.

Goerner previously recorded this 2nd Piano Concerto and is a big fan – a unique opportunity to hear it live in the concert hall.

Giuseppe Martucci didn’t go in for opera – a little unusual perhaps for an Italian from the 19th century. His passion lay elsewhere: not only did he want to bring Italian symphonic music back to life, but he also ensured that the public in his own country became acquainted with composers such as Brahms, Richard Strauss, Debussy and Wagner.

The piano came first in his own work, with this 2nd Piano Concerto as the highlight. A work steeped in Romanticism, and despite a sprinkling of Tchaikovsky and Brahms, very personal in style.


Giuseppe Martucci
Concerto in si bemolle minore per pianoforte e orchestra, op. 66

Johannes Brahms
Sinfonie Nr. 3 F-Dur op. 90

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Venue: Studio 4, Flagey

Location: Place Sainte Croix Heilig Kruisplein | 1050 Brussels
Telephone: +32 2 641 10 20

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