Robert Groslot’s Concerto for Bass Guitar and Orchestra represents the next step in the evolution of the bass guitar. Groslot’s composition pushes the instrument to its technical limits while creating a unique symbiosis between the soloist and the orchestra.

Soloist Thomas Fiorini: "The idea of a concerto for bass guitar is something that I have been dreaming of for decades. Since its invention, the instrument has firmly established itself as an essential and integral part of practically every genre of music. The bass guitar is now finally finding its way into contemporary classical music."

“My inspiration for this concerto was evoked by a very melodic canzone, which later became the second movement. To me it was self-evident that I should not adapt my usual composition methods and my common structures like an agitato in the first movement, a cadenza and a poetical intermezzo before the final fourth movement prove that although the bass guitar was indeed born out of the world of pop music it can very well become a fully integrated classical instrument.”

Robert Groslot, composer


Natalie Dietterich
Aeolian Dust

(laureaat [‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum 2019)

Robert Groslot
Concerto for E-Bass Guitar and Orchestra (2019) (première)
soloist: Thomas Fiorini, bass guitar

Igor Stravinsky
Petrushka (1947)


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Venue: Studio 4, Flagey

Location: Place Sainte Croix Heilig Kruisplein | 1050 Brussels
Telephone: +32 2 641 10 20

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