Concert Compilation, 13.07.2020 > YouTube > Facebook

Episode 6, 03.07.2020 > YouTube > Facebook
After 3,5 months, the musicians enter 'their' Studio 4 in Flagey. With their own instrument - and their new one! It's the end of a unique musical journey, full of emotions and laughter, with diffiult moments and colleagues who had to pull out, but also beautiful moments of being together. Finding each other back at Studio 4 and making music again: it's the cherry on top of the cake of this final episode of the Lockdown Lessons! Enjoy, and don't forget to tune in next week for the compilation of the concert.

Episode 5, 19.06.2020 > YouTube > Facebook
The end is near: just a few weeks left until The Concert! Luckily, students and coaches can now rehearse live – which is nice, despite the necessary social distancing. And even though some moments of stress are flaring up, the prospect of making music together again conquers all.

Episode 4, 05.06.2020 > YouTube > Facebook
That things do not run smoothly all the time, that frustrations rise or sore fingers emerge: it’s all part of the game – after several years of practicing their own instrument, our musicians know this all too well. But our students keep their spirits up and together, they are looking ahead to the moment they can rehearse together ánd bring a dazzling version of Singin’ in the Rain!

Episode 3, 22.05.2020 > YouTube > Facebook
In the third episode, the musicians have to face the facts: learning to play a new instrument while staying home and keeping social distance - it is not simple. Luckily the coaches keep motivating them, and new creative solutions arise to - for example - practise outdoors in an open field.

Episode 2, 08.05.2020 > YouTube > Facebook
The musicians are getting acquainted with their new instrument: it’s big, it’s complex to assemble, or it’s their own body! And they haven’t even played their first note yet… Fortunately their colleagues are all set to assist them in word and deed as a coach!

Episode 1, 24.04.2020 > YouTube > Facebook
Learn to play a new instrument during lockdown? A group of musicians from Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radiokoor take on the challenge. Meet the eight musicians and discover their instrument of choice...

Eight musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radiokoor (Flemish Radio Choir) use the mandatory break imposed by the lockdown to learn how to play a new instrument. A way to broaden their musical horizons, but also to get to know each other like never before. For they take on this challenge with the help of coaches: their colleagues from the orchestra and choir.

Final goal: play a mini-concert by this summer, on locations where their 'corona heroes' have richly deserved it. Follow the challenge of Jolien, Eva, Noëlle, Kelly, Conor, Mari, Elke & Eline in the biweekly episodes on YouTube & Facebook and let us know what your lockdown lessons are!