“Das wichtigste in der Musik steht nicht in den Noten.” Gustav Mahler

The symphonies of Gustav Mahler are one of the cornerstones of 20th-century symphonic music. Grand architectural constructions, fearless and groundbreaking forms, with deep, personal and sometimes raw emotions. Impossible to remain unmoved.

For anyone not yet familiar with Mahler, the epic Fifth Symphony is an ideal ‘first date’. Ultimately, the composer was ready to focus on life with all his energy and optimism. The result is intense music, which reflects both the force of nature of the Austrian Alps and his love for his wife Alma in the Adagietto – known worldwide from the film Death in Venice.


James MacMillan • Larghetto for orchestra (2017)
Gustav Mahler • Symphony No. 5 in C-sharp minor (1904)
concert without intermission


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