Nature. Pure beauty, raw destructive force, a source of ever-renewed life. It is the eternal cycle of life and death, which in the past few months has been very close to us. Bitter proof that, in spite of all our technology, we are only a cog in nature.

Saying goodbye seems an unfair destiny – but one we must accept. Saying goodbye, like love, is part of life.


Gustav Mahler Das Lied von der Erde: Der Abschied (arr. Schönberg/Riehn)
Gustav Mahler Sinfonie Nr. 5 cis-Moll: Adagietto
Anna Clyne Within her Arms

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Read the words to Der Abschied in German, English, French and Dutch.

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composer notes

Composer Anna Clyne dedicated Within Her Arms to her mother.

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The story behind Das Lied von der Erde, told by the granddaughterof Mahler

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