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The final days of Mozart’s life are wrapped in a veil of mystery. Not only is the exact cause of death the subject of debate, but also what happened in the final hours on his deathbed.

Be that as it may, Mozart’s Requiem has become one of his most popular works.

The imposing choral sections of course have a lot to do with it. But the unusual, black-velvet universe Mozart created, full of daring and sometimes extreme harmonies, contributes to this appealing musical kaleidoscope.


W.A. Mozart
Requiem in d-moll (KV 626)

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symfomania! (8+)

Playing, singing, drawing, listening... and mostly: enjoying Mozart's music! Discover this fun kit for young music loving do-it-yourselfers.

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A BBC podcast on how Mozart's Requiem, written when he was dying, has touched and changed people's lives.

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The Requiem

Read all about the history of Mozart's Requiem in this Concert Vienna blog.

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text & translation

Read the requiem texts, translated to Dutch and French.

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This concert took place in the concert hall without a live audience.

🎟️🎫 With your ticket (€5) you get access to (re)watch the livestream until May 14.

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