Edvard Grieg initially did not think much of Peer Gynt, the social satire disguised as a fairy tale that his friend Hendrik Ibsen had written. And yet he turned the story of the egotistical Peer Gynt, a scamp who leaves a swath of destruction and broken hearts behind him, into a musical blockbuster and audience pleaser.

With: Filip Jordens (Peer Gynt), Jolien De Gendt (Solvjeg), Kelly Poukens (Anitra), Kristien Nijs, Sarah Van Mol & Evi Roelants (3 Saeter Girls), Conor Biggs (Thief), Philippe Souvagie (Receiver)

Text & concept: Brechtje Lauwaard & Tristan Versteven

Illustrations: Gerda Dendooven

in collaboration with Het Banket


Edvard Grieg • Peer Gynt, op. 23