“The most agonizing hour of my life”. That is how Rachmaninov described the première of his First Symphony – it was not a success. It took him more than three years to recover from the disaster and emerge from his depression and writer’s block.

After an initial success with his Second Piano Concerto in 1901, he made his definitive comeback and revenge as a composer with this Second Symphony.

And deservedly so: the youthful overconfidence gives way here to a deliberate, refined approach, at times restrained, at others mysterious and dramatic. An unabashedly romantic masterpiece, with enormous power and exuberance. A symphony that you must hear live at least once in your life.


Stacy Garrop
Penelope Waits (2013)

Sergej Rachmaninov
Symfonie nr. 2 in e, op. 27


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Sergei Rachmaninov was a composer, virtuoso pianist, and conductor - get to know who the human Rachmaninov was in this 10 minute documentary.

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stacy garrop

In Penelope Waits the oboe represents Queen Penelope, the faithful wife of Odysseus, as she patiently waits twenty years for her husband's return from fighting the Trojan Wars, keeping at bay the suitors who wish to marry her and inherit her riches.

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