Writing Petrushka liberated Stravinsky: he found his own voice and self-confidence to deal with harmony and tonality in a radically different way. He mixed folk tunes, popular French chanson and Viennese waltzes in a colourful orchestration, used sharp dissonances and contrasting rhythms, making the orchestra sound like a gigantic accordion one minute and a balalaika the next. A real tour de force and the creation of the exciting and unprecedented soundscape with which Stravinsky would change the world forever.


Natalie Dietterich
Aeolian Dust

(laureaat [‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum 2019)

Robert Groslot
Concerto for E-Bass Guitar and Orchestra (2019) (première)
soloist: Thomas Fiorini, bass guitar

Igor Stravinsky
Petrushka (1947)


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