Are you a fan of drawing, crafting, playing? Do you like music? Then the Symfomania! DIY kit and vlog with Sien Wynants is made for you!

Get started with fun assignments, send your drawings to, and watch together with your whole family the Pastorale livestream of Brussels Philharmonic on Thursday November 26 at 19:00 CET.

download & print your diy-kit

and (re)watch the livestream concert

The kits are also available in Dutch and French.

Completed all the assignments? Then you are ready for the real thing: the livestream concert. Put on your best outfit and get comfortable with your own bubble on the sofa - and don't forget some nice treats and snacks, because you are in charge in your own private concert hall! And... keep your smartphone near: the Wolfgang app gives you extra info, fun facts, and tips to enjoy the Pastoral even more during the stream!

This fall Brussels Philharmonic launched Symfomania! DIY: not a workshop at Flagey, but a do-it-yourself kit to get to know the music that we will play live in the concert hall!

A unique formula for kids to dive into the music in a playful matter, alone or with a sibling, with the babysitter or friends, or with the (grand)parents. As a means to get ready for the concert night or livestream, or out of musical curiousity - or simply because music is fun!


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All the Pastorale vlogs with Sien in one spot? Visit our Symfomania! playlist on YouTube!

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diy: mozart

In the mood for more? Discover previous DIY-kits: dive into Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's A Little Night Musik.

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diy: beethoven

Ta ta ta taaa! Discover previous DIY-kits: learn everything about Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

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Wolfgang is a smartphone app for live classical music. While the orchestra is playing, Wolfgang tells you what is happening ‐ at the very moment ‐ in the music.

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