From great ideas and abstract scores to true orchestral sounds: for young composers it is often an unattainable process: an orchestra is a very expensive ‘instrument’ that is
not easily available. [’tactus] offers young composers the opportunity to put theory into practice, and to develop their skill together with orchestras.

Curious about how composers work? What happens in the ‘engine room’ of a new symphonic work? What feedback do the musicians provide? If so, be sure to come along during ‘[’tactus]’ (the young composers’ forum): the sessions are open to the audience!

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Brad Lubman


“Whether it’s an old piece or a brand new piece, the composer has put information down in the score and it’s our job to figure out what the composer wants and to bring those ideas into the world, to realize to our best ability (in whatever the performing ensemble is) the ideas and wishes of the composer.”

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