From great ideas and abstract scores to true orchestral sounds: for young composers it is often an unattainable process: an orchestra is a very expensive ‘instrument’ that is not easily available. [’tactus] offers young composers the opportunity to put theory into practice, and to develop their skill together with orchestras.

Curious about how composers work? What happens in the ‘engine room’ of a new symphonic work? What feedback do the musicians provide? If so, be sure to come along during ‘[’tactus]’ (the young composers’ forum): the sessions are open to the audience!

Participants: Natalie Dietterich (26, USA), Jug Markovic (31, Serbia), Christoph Renhart (31, Austria), Manuel J. Sanchez Garcia (30, Spain) & Meng Wang (30, China)

Jury members: Jean-Paul Dessy, Kimmo Hakola, Claude Ledoux, Ann McKay, Benoît Mernier, Annelies Van Parys & Jeroen D’hoe

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Natalie Dietterich • Aeolian Dust
Jug Markovic • De Rerum Natura
Christoph Renhart A Manifesto Mill
Manuel J. Sanchez Garcia Many Worlds
Meng WangFar Away, Mountains and River