Youth Orchestra Flanders is a new youth symphonic orchestra launched in partnership with the Brussels Philharmonic, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, three top cultural institutions.

Russian fireworks! After Stalin's death, Shostakovich finally dared to let loose his pent-up feelings. His Tenth Symphony is simply bursting with emotion and humanity. In his First Violin Concerto, Prokofiev is not averse to adding a surprising twist. Sometimes, the violin sings lyrically, then it is thrashed, and then it a floats away with fairy‑tale naïveté. In Wim Henderickx’s exciting overture Pulses of the Earth, the promising young lions of the Youth Orchestra Flanders find an exciting contemporary counterbalance.

With support from the government of Flanders, Youth Orchestra Flanders is lending a jump start in the professional orchestra circuit to the upcoming generation of young talent (15-26 years). The orchestra works in a project-based manner and in collaboration with the Flemish conservatories and concert halls. Youth Orchestra Flanders premieres in February 2019 on the stage at Flagey and in the Concertgebouw in Bruges.


Wim Henderickx • Ouverture Pulses of the Earth
Sergey Prokofiev • Violin Concerto No.1, opus 19
Dmitry Shostakovich • Symphony No.10 in e, opus 93


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