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March 2021

deep diving


Gavin Bryars based The Sinking of the Titanic on the story of the musicians who were aboard the RMS Titanic, and continued playing while the ship sank

February 2021

research University Ghent: survey


what will a classical music concert look like in the future - are you, as a music lover, prepared to go digital and pay for online concerts - is this an opportunity to be more inclusive, more accessible, and reach new audiences - could the future of music festivals be a hybrid one?

January 2021

the magic that is Mozart


“On Tuesday, 4 November, I gave a concert at the theatre here, and because I did not have a symphony with me, I wrote a new one at lightning speed, that had to be ready for the occasion.” - Mozart

podium 19


brand new virtual stage on TV and online: discover the programme now

December 2020

Podium 19


a new culture channel from Flanders/Belgium, on TV and online

livestreams: €5


get tickets for your favourite livestreams and get access to the concert and on-demand replay

Mozart! LIVE


Watch the livestream of this concert with pianist Julien Libeer here!

tradition in a new guise


Brahms gave a modern twist to his works, but always building on his masterful predecessors

spectacular contrasts


feel the melancholic tones of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 and let yourself get carried away by the energetic overture of Le Nozze di Figaro

November 2020

Vlog: Sien & the Pastoral


go on a musical adventure together with Sien Wynants and discover Beethoven's Sixth Symphony

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