Brussels Philharmonic | Charisma and technical excellence

Charisma and technical excellence

The winners have been announced. Did you also enjoy the interaction between the soloists, conductor Stéphane Denève and the musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic during the final week of the Elisabeth Competition in Bozar?

The press, like you, was wildly enthusiastic about the top performances of our musicians and maestro.

Browse through a summary and a selection of the press articles.

For six days, the Brussels Philharmonic provided excitement, fun and unforgettable musical moments on stage during the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Bozar. Words of praise were massively shared and liked on social media.

... in the hall, too, the cello stands out beautifully above the orchestra thanks to the excellent and attentive accompaniment of the Brussels Philharmonic and conductor Denève.
Katelijne Boon (Klara)

The communication and interaction between the soloist, conductor Stéphane Denève and the musicians of Brussels Philharmonic was something that really caught the attention of the Flemish press.

The French-language media focused mainly on the strong guidance provided by conductor Stéphane Denève and the skills of the musicians.

Grenz Echo, the German-language newspaper, wrote about the Brussels Philharmonic's titanic performance, even giving special mention to principal horn player Hans van der Zanden and trombonists Daniel Foeteler and Jean Xhonneux.

Concertmaster Otto Derolez and cello principal Karel Steylaerts received much acclaim in the media.

... never before have we seen so much eye contact, so many gazes full of understanding, and passionate hugs after a concert.
De Standaard

Almost every day, De Standaard wrote nothing but praise for the Brussels Philharmonic. According to the Flemish newspaper, the musicians not only provided enthusiastic counterpoint every evening, but the orchestra also navigated unerringly between romanticism, expressionist theatre and unruly avant-garde. Many soloists seized upon conductor Stéphane Denève's generosity to enter into dialogue with the orchestra. De Standaard called the orchestra's communication excellent and, incidentally, particularly infectious.

Furthermore, De Standaard wrote the day after the performance of soon to be laureate and audience prize winner Stéphanie Huang: "Stéphane Denève propelled and steered the Brussels Philharmonic to the level of Stéphanie Huang, while she herself explicitly sought partners in the orchestra. Especially the dialogue with concertmaster Otto Derolez in the final part of the concerto was on the cutting edge".

Concertmaster Otto Derolez received even more praise for his performance with cellist Bryan Cheng and the inspired dialogue between the two string players. The senses of principal cellist Karel Steylaerts were also sharpened: enjoy an extract of his recital playing together with candidate Bryan Cheng.

Are you curious about what went on behind the scenes? Soak up the atmosphere backstage with a report by Laat Journaal, in which Klara radio host Katelijne Boon shows you around in the corridors of Bozar during a rehearsal day with the Brussels Philharmonic.

Relive the fragment from a Klara-broadcast about the final night of the competition in which maestro Denève (from 03:36:50) talks more about the challenges the musicians face in the final days of the competition.

A well-deserved tip of the hat to Stéphane Denève and his Brussels Philharmonic who kept a constant level this week.
La Libre Belgique

La Libre Belgique wrote: "a well-deserved hat off to Stéphane Denève and his Brussels Philharmonic, who maintained a constant level during the last days of the finals in Bozar", meanwhile Dhnet saw in Stéphane Denève's generous temperament a father figure for each of the candidates.

Le Soir noted the subtle balance with the soloists in Jörg Widmann's imposed piece, as well as the strong accompaniment by the conductor, which allowed the musicians to develop their full potential.

Have a look at the RTBF episode in which music director Stéphane Denève takes you on a trip behind the scenes, or listen to his interview on La Trois. Musiq’3 brightens up the most beautiful moments with interviews with amonst othersour principal clarinet player Maura Marinucci.

It is the task of an ensemble accompanying a competition to serve the candidates and not to promote itself.
Le Soir

The nicest compliments for our musicians came from the audience, with many kind messages and words of praise on social media. Audience watching at home even stood up from their sofa to applaud and cheer for the soloists and orchestra and their magical interactions throught the week.

In short, it was clearly a party for many throughout the week.

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