Brussels Philharmonic | recensie The New Yorker

recensie The New Yorker

Op 11 maart 2023, bracht altviolist Lawrence Power samen met Brussels Philharmonic onder leiding van vaste gast-dirigent Ilan Volkov de wereldpremière van het altvioolconcerto I cannot love without trembling van de Canadese componiste Cassandra Miller.

Lees hieronder de lovende recensie van Alex Ross in The New Yorker, en (her)beluister de live-uitzending van dit Klarafestival concert (het concerto begint op 01:02:00).

Alex Ross, The New Yorker (10.04.2023)

"This fragmented, mediated process yields an experience of bruising immediacy. The concerto’s première took place at the Klarafestival, in Brussels, and is streaming at the Belgian site VRT. Lawrence Power gives a staggering account of the solo part, with Ilan Volkov and the Brussels Philharmonic providing vehement support. As the viola delivers its keening, cawing songs, the orchestra becomes a chamber of resonances and reverberations: the strings quiver in sympathy, the brass cast brooding shadows, a piccolo alights with birdlike chatter. We end where we begin, with a glimmer of harp, but something colossal has transpired."
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