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“The world needs symphonic music. And symphonic music needs the world.”

That is the firm belief of the Brussels Philharmonic. As a symphony orchestra founded in 1935 under the auspices of the Belgian public broadcaster, unveiling the symphonic world as best we can is deep in our DNA. By innovating while maintaining full respect for the value of the past, we keep the symphonic music of the past, present and future relevant and inspiring – for ourselves and all of society. We do this from the historic Studio 4 at Flagey in Brussels, together with our music director Kazushi Ono: he shares our open and adventurous spirit and our rock-solid belief in the need for cross-fertilization between art, life and society.

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With our activities firmly based in our home city of Brussels, the Brussels Philharmonic focuses resolutely on 4 areas, each of which is intended to bring people together around symphonic music.

Brussels Philharmonic Bucket List

Our own distinctive selection of the great symphonic repertoire, with works that we think you must hear live in a concert hall at least once in your life. [concerts]

Brussels Philharmonic Atelier

Back to the source of symphonic music, the art of playing music in a smaller formation. We work carefully and in depth, with extra attention to delicate details. [concerts]

Brussels Philharmonic Lab

A place where contemporary music is given the leading role, researched and tested, and exposed to other arts or forms of performance. A radical decision to experiment and focus on the future, with guest conductor Ilan Volkov. [concerts]

Film & Festival

A a former broadcast orchestra, the Brussels Philharmonic has a deeply rooted love of film music. And we love to share our enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise with partners and festivals. [concerts]



In, around and throughout the many concerts we offer, the golden thread is the theme of EXPLORE: a wide range of diverse, joined-up initiatives that invite audiences to discover, explore in greater depth, admire, share, and connect. By means of meetings, podcasts, chamber music, guided walks, educational materials and workshops, discussions after concerts, customized introductions, digital initiatives and much more, the Brussels Philharmonic comes to you. Thanks to the youth orchestra programme, young musicians also receive the opportunity to get down to work themselves: from an amateur level at Brussels Young Philharmonic to the pre-professional at the Youth Orchestra Flanders.


The vision of our music director, Kazushi Ono, an experienced conductor whose reputation crosses continents, cultures and genres, overlaps in so many ways with that of the orchestra: the authenticity with which the great repertoire is kept alive, the permanent quest for innovation and evolution, the commitment to giving the music of today and tomorrow a central role, and the passion for sharing the love of symphonic music widely and generously. That sharing takes place first and foremost in our home port at Flagey, where the orchestra rehearses, performs and throws open the doors to its activities, as well as on the major stages and at festivals in Flanders.


The orchestra’s international reputation comes to the fore in its specialisation in recording soundtracks (including the Oscar-winning music for ‘The Artist’), the many successful recordings for labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, and the ambitious projects on prestigious stages around the world (Carnegie Hall, New York, Philharmonie de Paris, Musikverein Wien, Grosses Festspielhaus Salzburg, Cadogan Hall, London).

Brussels Philharmonic is an institution of the Flemish Community.