Brussels Philharmonic | code of counduct

Code of conduct

The world needs music.
Music needs the world.
We need you.

That is the firm belief of the Brussels Philharmonic, the Vlaams Radiokoor and our organisation. Whether you work with your voice, an instrument, your hands or a laptop, that’s who we are and that’s the way we work together.

Here are our core five values, and this is how we integrate them into our daily lives:

Respect. Harmony. Commitment. Curiosity. Positivity.

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harmonious workplace

Brimming as it is with musicality and creativity, our organisation can be nothing but a harmonious workplace. This implies that everyone’s role is vital when it comes to finding the right balance together. What you think, do, feel, say or don’t say is a lot more decisive than you might imagine. That delicate interplay between hundreds of people with the same heartfelt enthusiasm for symphonic and vocal music is what makes our workplace what it is.

For that very reason we have written this score so that we can put down in words what we deem to be important and you can commit yourself to making the best of it every day.

best version of yourself

Each day is a journey of study, rehearsal, music creation, live performances, practice, coordination, management, production, setbacks, and resilience. Our five core values - Respect, Harmony, Commitment, Curiosity and Positivity - provide you with a compass to evaluate your choices, actions, and decisions, motivating you to evolve into the best version of yourself, day by day. As a result, our work environment and team spirit thrive, mirroring the crescendo in our artistic performances. We extend a warm welcome to all, as everyone plays a part in nurturing the shared identity of "We are the Brussels Philharmonic and Vlaams Radiokoor."