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become part of our creation process, our metier and our dream.

In, around and throughout the many concerts we offer, the golden thread is the theme of EXPLORE: a wide range of diverse, joined-up initiatives that invite audiences to discover, explore in greater depth, admire, share, and connect.

By means of meetings, podcasts, chamber music, guided walks, educational materials and workshops, discussions after concerts, customised introductions, digital initiatives and much more, the Brussels Philharmonic comes to you.

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programme notes

Looking to deepen your concert experience? In search of historical context or musical background?

For each concert, Brussels Philharmonic offers programme notes, available in English, Dutch and French.

1x1 Symfomania

Symfomania! 7+

With the Symfomania! workshops, the Brussels Philharmonic offers a unique concert formula for families. Before the start of the concert, the children get to know the music that they will listen to in the concert hall in a fun and imaginitive workshop.

Would you rather dive into the music within the comfort of your own home? Download one of our Symfomania! DIY-kits and let your little ones experience music like never before.

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Close Encounters

Join us for Close Encounters: follow an open rehearsal from the stage, and chat afterwards with someone from on or behind the scenes - the conductor or the soloist, one of the musicians, or a team member.

Up for a complete tour of the house? Combine your visit with a tour at Flagey: an experienced guide takes you through time and behind the scenes of this iconic building.

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mission: bass

Brussels Philharmonic bassist, Thomas Fiorini realizes his dream: a bass guitar concerto. Together with visionary composer Robert Groslot, Thomas helps to pave the way for the bass guitar in contemporary classical music.

Watch the documentary about the creation process from score to album recording and world premiere on 22 April at Flagey, Brussels.

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Eline Groslot, solo harpist of Brussels Philharmonic, is an advocate of her instrument and it's repertoire. When American composer Geoffrey Gordon read her blog, he decided to compose a brand new harp concerto for Eline...

Follow Eline Groslot and composer Geoffrey Gordon in our brand new documentary series.

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