Brussels Philharmonic | Schumann/Brahms 2 | 03.02.23 | Flagey

Schumann/Brahms 2


Maestro Stéphane Denève is back, in the good company of Schumann & Brahms. Although he now lives and works in the United States, Stéphane Denève loves to return to ‘his’ Brussels Philharmonic! He has chosen a classical programme that fits him like a glove, and takes h ...

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Robert Schumann Cello Concerto in A-minor, op. 129 (1850)
Anna Clyne
DANCE: I. when you’re broken open (2019)
Johannes Brahms
Symphony No. 2 in D-major, op. 73 (1877)


∙ 19:15 pre-show: cello duo Ombeline Gasnier & Juliette Eftekhari (entrance hall)
∙ 19:30 lecture: luthier Jan Strick about the Cello (EN) (Studio 2)
∙ 19:30 pre-concert talk: Sander De Keere & Stéphane Denève (EN) (Foyer 2)
∙ 20:15 concert (without break)
∙ 22:00 BruPhil Café: aftertalk with Jasper Croonen, Stéphane Denève & Hayoung Choi (EN) (Studio 2)

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