Brussels Philharmonic | Mahler 1 · 03.02.2024 · Flagey

Mahler 1


"In fact, the first symphony already contains everything that will characterise him: here already sounds his life melody, the surrender to nature, the thought of death," remarked Arnold Schoenberg. Mahler's life was therefore all-important for his work: a hyper-sensitive artist, ...

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Toshio Hosokawa Blossoming II (2011)
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1 in D-Major, ‘Titan’ (1888)

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∙ 14:00 city walk NL: De Japanse invloed op Art Nouveau (NL) (Korei Guided Tours) (combi-tickets)
∙ 14:00 city walk FR: L'influence du Japon sur l'Art nouveau (Korei Guided Tours) (combi-tickets)
∙ 19:00 street food
∙ 19:30 introduction: Sander De Keere & Kazushi Ono (EN)
∙ 20:15 concert (without break - end 21:30) [Wolfgang App available]
∙ 21:30 BruPhil Café: aftertalk with Sander De Keere & Kazushi Ono (EN)


Flagey, Studio 4 ∙ Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelleshow to reach the venue

with the support of Beside Tax Shelter and the Belgian Tax Shelter

Documentary and concert by the San Francisco Symphony and music director Michael Tilson Thomas:

The premiere of Blossoming II: