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MIVB/STIB-concert: metro Rogier

metro Rogier

Summer officially begins on June 21st. And the MIVB/STIB network will also be basking in the summer vibe! In several trams and metros, you will enjoy high-quality live music on Wednesday afternoon, performed by the musicians of Brussels Philharmonic. The orchestra will co ...

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∙ Tram 3 departing from Esplanade at 15:06 towards Churchill
∙ Tram 4 departing from Héros/Helden at 15:07 towards North Station
∙ Tram 25 departing from Montgomery at 15:05 towards Rogier
∙ Tram 55 departing from Bordet Station at 15:04 towards Rogier
∙ Metro 2 departing from Simonis (-1) at 15:08 towards Elisabeth