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Celebrating Moondog: Double Bill


Brussels Philharmonic: Moondog Symphonic + Ill Considered: The Moondog Songbook ----- The music industry has its fair share of eccentrics, but Moondog will always be in a class of his own. Undefinable manoeuvring between genres, the street musician and poet was a unique fi ...

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Complete performance of the iconic album Moondog (1969), enriched with a selection from Moondog's symphonic repertoire.
Moondog: Theme, Stamping Ground, Symphonique #3 (Ode to Venus), Symphonique #6 (Good for Goodie), Minisym #1, Lament 1 (Bird’s Lament), Witch of Endor, Symphonique #1 (Portrait of a Monarch) EEC Suite: Golden Fleece, Hymn to Peace, EEC Lied, Two Poems


∙ 18:00 doors open
∙ 18:30 lecture: Moondog à travers le XXe siècle - Amaury Cornut (FR) (info & tickets)
∙ 19:30 introduction: Sander De Keere & George Jackson (EN)
∙ 20:00 concert Moondog Symphonic by Brussels Philharmonic (end: 21:00)
∙ 21:30 concert The Moondog Songbook by Ill Considered
∙ 22:30 end


Flagey, Studio 4 ∙ Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelleshow to reach the venue

with the support of Beside Tax Shelter and the Belgian Tax Shelter


“I am an observer of life, a non-participant who takes no sides. I am in the regimented society, but not of it.” – Moondog (1964)

Musician, composer, poet, instrument designer, and cult figure dubbed ‘the Viking of 6th Avenue’ – Moondog was all these things. Blind and homeless in New York, he gained international fame with his music, which blended Native American rhythms, jazz, and classical elements, laying the groundwork for minimalism. Flagey dedicates a day to celebrating the life and work of this iconic composer, who passed away 25 years ago.

concert part of Flagey: Celebrating Moondog