Brussels Philharmonic | Mozart: Jupiter | 22.04.23 | Flagey

Mozart: Jupiter

With his 41st symphony - also called the Jupiter Symphony - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart put his last symphony on paper. He would never hear the work live himself, nor did the nickname 'Jupiter' come from his pen - the reference to t ...

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Die Zauberflöte: Ouverture, KV 620 (1786)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 in A major, KV 219 (1775)
(soloist: Sylvia Huang)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 41 in C major, KV 551 ‘Jupiter’ (1788)

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∙ 19:00 pre-show: chamber music by members of Youth Orchestra Flanders

∙ 19:00 street food: pastries by La Fleur du Pain

∙ 19:30 pre-concert talk: Sander De Keere & Dirk Vermeulen

∙ 20:15 concert (with break)

∙ 21:50 end

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