Brussels Philharmonic | Scelsi Sound Magic · 25.05.2024 · Flagey

Scelsi sound magic


SOUND MAGIC. Music returns to its primitive origins, when melody is formed from noise. Ilan Volkov boldly breaks open the boundaries of what music is and can be. Anchors are cast aside, conventions are thrown out the window, and music becomes a physical experience. ...

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€31 > €5


Giacinto Scelsi I Presagi (1958)
Tristan Murail
Contes cruels (2007) pour 2 guitares électriques et petit orchestre
Giacinto Scelsi
Natura Renovatur (1967)
Oren Ambarchi & Ilan Volkov
Sous Vide (2022)


∙ 15:00 city walk NL: interieurbezoek MIX - La Royale Belge (Korei Guided Tours) (combi-tickets)
∙ 15:00 city walk FR : MIX - La Royale Belge - visite d’intérieur (Korei Guided Tours) (combi-tickets)
∙ 20:15 introduction: Sander De Keere & Ilan Volkov (EN)
∙ 21:00 concert (with break - end 23:00)


Flagey, Studio 4 ∙ Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelleshow to reach the venue

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