Brussels Philharmonic | Shades of Schönberg · 10.10.2024 · Flagey

Shades of Schönberg


"His Chamber Symphony No.1 was part of the programme of the famous ‘Scandal concert’ in 1913, which Schoenberg himself conducted. Shocked by the radicalness of the music, the audience began to riot during the concert. The music is played by a small orchestra, so you will hear all the deta ...

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Arnold Schönberg Chamber Symphony No. 1, Op. 9b (1907)
Claude Debussy
Nocturnes, L. 91 (1899)
Arnold Schönberg Transfigured Night, Op. 4 (version 1943)


∙ 19:00 doors open & expo
∙ 19:30 introduction
∙ 20:15 concert (with break)
∙ 22:00 end


Flagey, Studio 4 ∙ Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelleshow to reach the venue

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Aimez-vous Schönberg ?

This year, Flagey celebrates the 150th anniversary of Arnold Schönberg with a weekend filled with exceptional concerts and artists. Schönberg was a musical visionary who captured the unique spirit of his era. Rooted in Romanticism, his musical ideas continue to be a vital source of inspiration in the 20th-century repertoire.

concert part of Flagey : Aimez-Vous Schönberg ?

"We give two concerts dedicated to Schönberg. He was the next generation on from Mahler and it’s very interesting to hear the development of musical language. Schönberg is known as a composer whose work is difficult to understand, but the pieces we’re playing sit on the border between romanticism and modernity." – Kazushi Ono