Brussels Philharmonic | Strauss: Don Quixote | 03.06.2023 | Flagey

Strauss: Don Quixote

“This is Italy! I have been looking forward to this supreme happiness my whole life, now it has begun and I enjoy it.” During a cultural ‘Bildungsreise’, Mendelssohn falls completely under the spell of La Bella Italia. “I really ...

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Felix Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4 in A-major, op. 90 (Italienische) (1833)
Richard Strauss
Don Quixote, op. 35 (1897)


∙ 14:30 city walk: de Noord-Zuidverbinding in een nieuw daglicht / la Jonction Nord-Midi sous un nouveau jour (NL/FR)

∙ 19:00 tapas bar: gazpacho, Spanish tortilla (PaMiPaElla) & pastries (La Fleur du Pain)

∙ 19:00 atelier kids: Symfomania! 10+ | Strauss & Don Quixote (NL/FR)

∙ 19:30 pre-concert talk: Carlo Siau & Kazushi Ono (EN)

∙ 20:15 concert (without break) [Wolfgang App available]

∙ 21:45 afterparty: live music - 'cante y baile' by Elena la Grulla, José Ligero & Patricio Grande

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