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mission: bass

Thomas Fiorini, bass player with the Brussels Philharmonic, is making his dream come true: to have a concerto for electric bass composed, performed and recorded.

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Together with composer Robert Groslot, Thomas Fiorini wants to pave the way for the bass guitar, and give the instrument a well-deserved place in contemporary classical music. Since its invention 80 years ago, the instrument has earned a permanent and essential place in just about every genre - with symphonic music as the latest uncharted territory.

Follow Thomas and Robert in each episode and learn more about their idea and approach to let everyone experience the full range of the bass guitar, from the simple to the more complex. Robert Groslot’s fresh composition pushes the technical limits of the instrument and creates a unique symbiosis between the orchestra and the soloist.

"The bass guitar has now crossed the final frontier, but I think there are many more possibilities within classical music."

episode guide

  • episode 1: The Final Frontier behind the scenes at the creation process, from idea to score and album release
  • episode 2: The Edge of Possibility looking at the technical choices Thomas and Robert made to give the bass guitar that central place in the symphonic family
  • episode 3: The Right Track putting the different puzzle pieces of the composition together in harmony
  • episode 4: The Circle is Complete the big moment: the world premiere at Flagey in Brussels