Anneleen Lenaerts made history when in 2010 she was one of the first women (and the youngest!) to enter the ranks of the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic. Despite her youth, Anneleen already had an impressive career behind her.

“Harpist Anneleen Lenaerts displayed dynamic finesse, nuance in articulation and jaw-dropping skill...”
- aspen times
How do you dive into the music?

"In order to better understand the music I play, I soon decided to dig deeper into the theory. I absolutely wanted to understand musical language better, as it is crucial for me to start with the basics: respect for the score."

Was winning in Vienna a dream?

"I wanted to keep growing in musicality, and auditioned without much hope in Vienna. When I won, I was really beside myself: to become part of an orchestra with such a rich past was a dream come true."

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