With the performance of Zvezdoliki (Le roi des étoiles), Brussels Philharmonic goes back in time and shows its love of creation rooted in a long tradition.

“A sincere and comradely greeting to the excellent Orchestra of the N.I.R.”
- igor stravinsky

This is what Igor Stravinsky wrote in 1952 after a concert with the Great Symphony Orchestra, the predecessor of the Brussels Philharmonic. Soon after its creation in 1935 the orchestra earned the appreciation of composers like Bartók, Milhaud, Honegger, Hindemith and Berg, who made Brussels the first international platform for premieres of their music.

It was primarily with Stravinsky that the orchestra had a special bond: on 19 April 1939, it played the première of Zvezdoliki (Le roi des étoiles), and would introduce Belgian audiences to other works by Stravinsky. The Brussels Philharmonic continues in this tradition with the CffOR (Centre for Future Orchestral Repertoire).

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