Brussels Philharmonic | MISSION: HARP

mission: harp

from blog to world premiere

Eline Groslot, solo harpist of Brussels Philharmonic, is an advocate of her instrument and it's repertoire. When American composer Geoffrey Gordon read her blog, he decided to compose a brand new harp concerto for Eline...

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discover Eolian by Geoffrey Gordon on the album Overtones by Eline Groslot (Antarctica Records, release 05.05.2023)


for harp repertoire of the 20th and 21st century

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mission: bass

Brussels Philharmonic bassist, Thomas Fiorini realizes his dream: a bass guitar concerto. Together with visionary composer Robert Groslot, Thomas helps to pave the way for the bass guitar in contemporary classical music.

Watch the documentary about the creation process from score to album recording and world premiere on 22 April at Flagey, Brussels.

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