Brussels Philharmonic | Arthur Hnatek, drums

Arthur Hnatek, drums

Arthur Hnatek is a Swiss born instrumentalist, currently living in Berlin. An internationally renowned drummer, he is equally well versed as a composer of acoustic works and a producer of electronic music. Hnatek has worked extensively as a member of Tigran Hamasyan’s trio, and Erik Truffaz’s Quartet. He is the co-leader of the quartet Melismetiq, and has released two recordings of his own works, The Arc Lite Suite and LuaLuna Tai. As a composer, he has worked with orchestras, big bands, and chamber ensembles. He has had works commissioned by the Puplinge Classique Festival, the Jeunesse Musicale of Switzerland, and l’Orchestre Quipassparlà. As a drummer, he has performed at venues including the Montreux Jazz Festival, Festival de Vienne, North Sea Jazz Festival, the Montréal Jazz festival. He produces electronic music under the moniker SWIMS. His debut EP (ELLE) is an amalgamation of his live rhythmic aesthetic combined with his use of samples and soundscapes.