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Eline Groslot

Eline Groslot

‘I consider Eline Groslot as one of the top players of today. I have had the opportunity, week after week, to admire her superb music making, always imaginative sound, her impressive precision and concentration. She has never disappointed me .’ - Stéphane Denève

Eline Groslot has been solo harpist of the Brussels Philharmonic since 2001. She is an exceptionally experienced and valued orchestral musician, chambristian and soloist, with a commitment to the development of young musicians and with a broad interest in all forms of art.

As a musician, Eline finds the creation, performance and promotion of new music a particularly important task. Eline has played the world premiere of Robert Groslot's Concerto for Harp and Orchestra at the World Harp Congress in Sydney, which has been with Brussels Philharmonic on the Naxos label in autumn 2019.

Eline has performed at numerous festivals, such as the Festival Camac in Marseille, the international harp festival Seduced by harps, the Festival van Vlaanderen, Festival de Wallonie, Festival Brigittines, and soloed with the Vlaams Radiokoor, Dvorak Collegium and Brussels Philharmonic, among others.

She is a member of several permanent chamber music ensembles. With other more various and fluid ones, she plays a repertoire of all style periods, sometimes combined with other art forms.

Eline now teaches harp at the Stedelijk Conservatorium in Bruges and the Kunsthumaniora in Brussels, and before that at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. She founded and leads the holistic Young Talent programme BOS, which not only offers young musicians a well-thought-out methodology, but connects them with other art forms and pays a lot of attention to communication such as dealing with stress and the role of the musician in society.