Brussels Philharmonic | Amsterdam season kickoff

Amsterdam season kickoff

with Anna Fedorova

After wrapping up the season in July ’24 in Amsterdam, we return to the Concertgebouw for the start of the new season. On September 1st, the Brussels Philharmonic heads to the stage with Anna Fedorova under the direction of Ilan Volkov. The Ukrainian pianist Fedorova, nicknamed the 'resident pianist of the Concertgebouw' (Telegraaf), has performed there over 45 times. This time, with the Brussels Philharmonic, she delivers a lively program featuring Maurice Ravel's iconic Piano Concerto in G major.

“I have always been fascinated by Maurice Ravel, his unique compositional style, rich colours, French refinement, jazz influence and electrifying rhythm. This would be my first performance of his G major concerto, which among Spanish, Basque folk and jazz elements has at times Mozartian purity and simplicity as well. I am looking very much forward to performing this very rich, exciting and colourful concerto with the Brussels Philharmonic and Ilan Volkov!”

- Anna Fedorova

live in concert

experience Anna Fedorova live in the concert hall with the Brussels Philharmonic on September 1 at Concertgebouw Amsterdam

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Perhaps you know Anna Fedorova from her viral Youtube hit? Her performance of Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto at the Concertgebouw reached over 40 million views.