Brussels Philharmonic | Brussels Philharmonic plays Dirk Brossé

Brussels Philharmonic plays Dirk Brossé

2020 will go down in history as the year of the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown. The consequences for the cultural world are meanwhile all too familiar. But there is also good news. 2020 is the year in which Dirk Brossé celebrates both his 60th birthday and the 40th year of his career. And what better way can a composer celebrate such a festive year than with a new CD!

A Symphonic Journey from Philly to Utopia - celebrates both the 60th birthday and the 40th year of the career of Dirk Brossé. It contains 70 minutes of breathtaking new symphonic music - all world premiere recordings - recorded by Brussels Philharmonic at Flagey Brussels.

Dirk Brossé has composed over 400 works. His new album A Symphonic Journey from Philly to Utopia, recorded with Brussels Philharmonic, contains new symphonic works written over the past 10 years.

In Philadelphia Overture we hear the energy, the power, the freedom and the vitality of multi-ethnic Philadelphia: the city that would become Dirk’s 2nd home. Sea Life Aquarium was written after a visit to Antwerp Zoo. It gives musical expression to the wonderful underwater world of the aquarium. The Radetzky Waltz is a musical gimmick. Drawing on the original melody of the Radetzky Waltz by Johann Strauss Sr., Dirk has composed a whirlingly effervescent new festive Viennese waltz.

Adagio for Strings & Harp is dedicated to the many victims of the Syrian civil war. The pain and fear in the eyes of its countless refugees will forever be burned into the collective memory. Für Elise at the Movies is inspired by Beethoven’s Bagatelle ’Für Elise’. Its principal theme takes us on a surprising trip through the world of film music. Each of its nine parts is conceived as a mini soundtrack, inspired by a film or by a film character.

Back to Utopia was written for Fabio Wuytack’s film Back to Utopia, a unique blend of fiction and documentary. It retells the story of Utopia by Thomas More. Not as a dream, but as a shared dream. Amore Pedestre was composed for the 1914 silent film Amore Pedestre, directed by Marcel Fabre. This love story is told by showing the characters from below the knees only. Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is based on a painting by American painter Thomas Moran. The painting shows the immense grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Dirk’s musical interpretation also illustrates the magnificence of this beautiful landscape. Olympic Fanfare & Hymn was commissioned by the The World Outgames, a sporting and cultural event hosted by the gay community. They bring together athletes and artists from all over the world, many from countries where homosexuality remains illegal and hidden.


1. Philadelphia Overture
2-7. Sea Life Aquarium (aka La Vie Aquatique)
8. Radetzky Waltz
9. Adagio for Strings & Harp
10-18. Für Elise @ the Movies
19. Back to Utopia
20. Amore Pedestre
21. Grand Canyon of the Colorado River
22. Olympic Fanfare & Hymn

Brussels Philharmonic plays Dirk Brossé is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and others from September 25 and for sale on from October 2.