Brussels Philharmonic | Carolina Eyck

Carolina Eyck

Most 7-year-old girls choose the piano, violin or flute – but the German Carolina Eyck decided to play the theremin…

The theremin is a strange instrument on which one can change tones without touching it: moving one’s hands around two antennae alters the tone and volume. Classical composers and pop artists as well as science fiction directors and game developers love its distinctive sound, and nowadays the theremin is increasingly widely used.

That is largely thanks to the unfailing passion of people like Carolina Eyck, the new grande dame of the theremin. A true wunderkind, Carolina had already established her own new technique at age 14, made her debut with the Berlin Philharmonic in 2002, and published a book in 2006 on her experience and method. Today she performs in the most varied formats, composes her own music and gives masterclasses around the world.

Carolina Eyck is one of the worlds leading theremin players and is a pioneer of this relatively new instrument.