Brussels Philharmonic | Cinema: Renaud Capuçon

Cinema: Renaud Capuçon

Out now! Renaud Capuçon's homage to the silver screen features unforgettable themes, with Stéphane Denève and the Brussels Philharmonic

Evoking the magic of cinema

‘Film music can be sublime,’ says Renaud Capuçon, ‘and it has attracted some truly great composers.’ The French star violinist’s album Cinema features unforgettable themes from 19 American, French, Italian and British films, from 1930s classics to the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Among them are The Godfather, Breakast at Tiffany’s, Schindler’s List, Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, Out of Africa, Le mépris and Amélie. Their soundtracks are the work of such major figures as John Williams, Erich Korngold, Henry Mancini, Michel Legrand, John Barry, Nino Rota, Maurice Jarre, Ennio Morricone and Vladimir Cosma.

Renaud Capuçon is one of the leading violinists on the world stage, praised by The Chicago Tribune for ‘panache, sensitivity and sizzling virtuosity’ that can send ‘great tunes soaring’. He powerfully and sensitively evokes the silver screen with the aid of the Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by its music director Stéphane Denève. Especially renowned in large-scale scores from the 20th century, Denève has been friends with Capuçon since they were students together at the Paris Conservatoire.

I have been wanting to make a recording of film music for some time. Since the early days of cinema, music has transcended imagery and shaped our emotions. Perhaps this project has its roots in Cinema Paradiso. The theme of the sumptuous score by Ennio Morricone is played by the violins. Since the film came out in 1988, when I was 12 years old, I knew that I wanted to play it one day … So this album is something of a dream come true.
Renaud Capuçon

Cinema embraces a diversity of music genres, from the opulent symphonic style of Korngold (a significant influence on composers like John Williams), to the hit songs of Mancini and Kosma, but, as Capuçon says: ‘When it comes down to it, there is just one kind of music: music that makes you feel something … Music associated with images exercises a strong emotional influence and it is wonderful to be able to express myself through these film themes … All the feelings that are associated with each film rise to the surface.

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At the same time, as an interpreter, you have to take command of the music in order to do it justice … It belongs to a film, to images, to a story – but it also has its own story to tell.
Renaud Capuçon


1. “Cinema Paradiso” / Andrea and Ennio Morricone
2. “The Mission” from "Mission" / Ennio Morricone
3. "I Had a farm in Africa" from "Out of Africa" / John Barry
4. Theme from "Schindler's List" / John Williams
5. "Camille" from "Le Mépris" / Georges Delerue
6. “La vita è bella” / Nicola Piovani
7. "Romance" from "The adventures of Robin Hood" / Erich Wolfgang Korngold
8. Dead Poets Society / Maurice Jarre
9. "Papa, Can You Hear Me ?" from "Yentl" / Michel Legrand
10. "Aria" from "Joyeux Noël" / Philippe Rombi
11. Medley from "Amélie Poulain" / Yann Tiersen
12. Calling You from "Bagdad Cafe" * / Bob Telson
13. "Le Concerto de Berlin" from "la 7e Cible" / Vladimir Cosma
14. "Moon River" from " Breakfast at Tiffany's" / Johnny Mercer & Henry Mancini
15. The Godfather / Nino Rota
16. "Twilight Love Theme" from "The Twilight Saga : New Moon" / Alexandre Desplat
17. Legends of the Fall / James Horner
18. A Summer of 42 / Michel Legrand
19. Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire / Vladimir Cosma

Renaud Capuçon, violin • Brussels Philharmonic • Stéphane Denève, conductor • Warner/Erato Classics • *with Nolwenn Leroy

Arrangements by Daniel Capelletti & Cyrille Lehn except for Vladimir Cosma who arranged his music for Renaud

Release: 12 October 2018