Brussels Philharmonic | Close Encounters

Close Encounters

experience the orchestra up close

Watch the rehearsal from a unique spot: the stalls on our Studio 4 stage. Afterwards, chat with someone from on or behind the stage—be it the conductor, soloist, musician, or a production team member.

What will be rehearsed and who you will chat with afterwards: we can't tell you that yet – the rehearsal process is unpredictable. But one thing is certain: you will be at the heart of our symphonic world!


∙ 26.09.2024 Mahler 3
conducted by Kazushi Ono [more info]

∙ 24.10.2024 Pictures at an Exhibition
conducted by Elias Grandy [more info]

∙ 12.12.2024 Milhaud, Matalon & Strauss
conducted by Kazushi Ono [more info]